All sales final unless specified otherwise.

Imported Doujinshi Returns and Cancellations
Imported doujinshi is any item from Japan that we buy on behalf of the customer.  This includes special orders from shops like Toranoana, Melonbooks, C-Queen, as well as orders where DoujinPress picks up items for the customer at events such as Comiket.

You may cancel your order for imported doujinshi from shops up to 12 hours after you placed the order.  You may cancel event orders up until 48 hours before the event.  There are no returns for any imported doujinshi.

All Doujinshi Refunds and Delivery Guarantees
In the event DoujinPress cannot purchase specific doujinshi on your behalf, or in the event that your order doesn’t make it to our US office for fulfillment, we will refund the affected portion of your order.  If you live in the United States, or if you live outside of the US and your order contains no adult doujinshi, your order is guaranteed to be delivered or your money back.  Orders containing adult doujinshi shipped outside of the US are not guaranteed.  Adult doujinshi includes any item that may be perceived as of adult nature regardless of its rating.

Custom Print Orders Cancellations, Returns and Refunds
Custom print orders may be cancelled up until two weeks before the printing due date and will be fully refunded minus costs incurred during the pre-press phase.  The costs incurred include $25 for each setup for each book, or proofing costs if applicable.  Each setup is either a full or partial book setup.  In the event that the costs incurred are greater than the value of the order, the order may not be refunded in any part.  As for the final deliverable, there are no returns or refunds for custom print orders.  If for whatever reason your print order is not delivered or lost in transit, DoujinPress will reprint and ship the order for free to US destinations only.  DoujinPress will reprint the order for free for customers outside of the US provided the work is not of an adult nature (shipping costs additional).  DoujinPress does not guarantee the delivery of print orders of adult nature to outside of the US and does not offer a reprinting service in the event they are lost.  Under no circumstances will DoujinPress offer a free reprinting due to concerns over the final content of the custom print order.