Notice for License Holders

We realize that the doujinshi market in the United States is much more contested than our counter-part markets around the world. We realize that corporations in the US take a more serious approach to unofficial merchandise and this may at times include doujinshi. In an effort to make everyone happy, DoujinPress is committed to ensuring that customers, artists and license holders alike are afforded a level playing field.

Customers and Artists

We believe that artists and customers alike deserve the ability to share and support art. By providing a platform for young aspiring manga and comic artists to succeed, DoujinPress aims to create an environment conducive to growth, self-esteem and confidence.

More than 50% of our artists live outside of the United States and Japan, in countries where the US dollar can go a long way. All of our artists receive at least 10% of every sale.

DoujinPress affords customers the ability to show their support for their favorite artists by providing the middle service. Many young artists don’t have the means to print their work, and many customers simply aren’t aware of much of the art that exists. By providing the critical link between artist and patron, DoujinPress can connect the global community together in a way that helps everyone, and by everyone when mean the license holders and original publisher as well: They receive free publicity in the form of short run doujinshi, a system that has worked very well in Japan and that which can certainly work here in the United States as well.

License Holders

DoujinPress limits the quantity of books printed depending on the license status. If a series is licensed in the United States, DoujinPress limits the total books printed per publication to 100. If the series is unlicensed, DoujinPress limits the total books printed to 250. In most cases less than 50 books are ever sold.

All books that DoujinPress prints are labeled on the inside back cover as derivative works along with the companies that produced the series and/or hold the US license.

Aside from quantity limitations, DoujinPress also limits the sales price to no more than three times the production or procurement cost. These extra funds go to pay convention fees, hosting, equipment and artists. As of this time DoujinPress operates at close to break even.

License holders can request specific sales figures and/or the immediate removal of any book that DoujinPress prints.