Q: What shipping options do you offer?

A: DoujinPress offers USPS First Class and Priority Mail. First Class generally takes 4-6 business days for Domestic and 14-42 business days for International. Priority Mail takes 2 business days for Domestic and 10-21 business days for International. When you check out, the shipping cost will be automatically adjusted according to weight and quantity.

At this time, we currently do not provide EMS (Express Mail Service) due to high rates. Please inquire if you would like to request for it as a shipping option.

Q: Do you offer tracking?

A: All Domestic shipments come with tracking, and International shipments come with custom numbers that can be used for partial tracking. For First Class / Priority Mail International, USPS currently only provides full tracking beyond United States for certain countries. Please refer to USPS website’s list of eligible countries for more information.

Q: What if my package gets lost?

A: If you ordered books that DoujinPress publishes, we will reship the order for free. If you ordered books that DoujinPress imports, we cannot refund nor reship the order under normal circumstances. That said, we have a 100% delivery rate for our import orders.

Q: It got shipped to the wrong address! What happens now?

A: There are instances when the address on Paypal and the one in our database conflicts. DoujinPress ships to the address that the customer submitted prior to check-out. If the package gets returned to us because of our error, we will send it again for free. If the customer submitted an incorrect address by accident, then it is the customer’s responsibility to pay for new shipment.


Q: What are DoujinPress’ Toranoana Imports?

A: DoujinPress offers a web catalog version in English for these books and simplifies the ordering process. This makes it possible to order from Toranoana without having to deal with extra shipping, proxy and tariff charges. The price you see on DoujinPress is the price you pay for the book. It does not include the cost to ship the book from our US office to your door, though it does include the cost to import the book to the United States.

Q: How accurate is the selection on DoujinPress?

A: It is mostly accurate, but there is a possibility of the item being sold out even if it is “available” on our selection. If we cannot find it elsewhere for you, we will send a notification, and you will receive refund for the item.

Q: The status of the item says “SOLD OUT”. When will it be restock?

A: DoujinPress has no control over Toranoana’s stock, so it is uncertain when Toranoana will restock an item again. We can certainly look for a replacement though, please send us an email.

Q: The book that I’m looking for is not on Toranoana. Can DoujinPress still help me purchase the item if it’s available at another Japanese shop?

A: Yes, DoujinPress accepts custom orders! Please send us the link to the shop and let us know how many copies, and we will send a DoujinPress invoice to you with payment instructions. To pay for the order, you must have a DoujinPress account. If you are a new customer, the invoice will be sent to the email you inquired us with, and it’ll also be the email you must register with. Once you login, the order will be in your account for check-out.

Q: What items are allowed for custom orders?

A: DoujinPress only offers the buying service to book items, such as artbooks, manga, and of course all types of doujinshi.

Q: What is the cost per book for a custom order?

A: Please refer to the calculator for the price.

Q: Can I cancel an import order?

A: No, all import orders are non-refundable. Feel free to send us an email shortly after your payment, but if our Japan side has placed the order already by then, there will be no refunds.

Q: Can I cancel a preorder for an item yet to be released?

A: Pre-orders for imports are also non-refundable because most shops do not provide direct ways to cancel them. Please pre-order these items only if you are certain to purchase. Pre-orders for DoujinPress Exclusives can be canceled up until they are shipped.

Q: How long does it take for the item to be shipped?

A: All items are delivered to our US office first before it gets shipped out to customers. Please refer to the “Expected Ship Date” that displays prior to check-out; it will also be in your order confirmation email. The item may be shipped out earlier than that date depending on when it arrives at our US office.

Q: Can I combine shipping with a previous import order?

A: If that previous order hasn’t been shipped, then you may request for combine shipping. Please send us an email through the Contact Form to request and state which orders you would like to combine. The “Expected Ship Date” of your newest order’s email will be the date to follow.