Comiket, Toranoana, Melonbooks…
DoujinPress accepts all custom doujin orders!

Doujin Web Shops
Not on Toranoana? We can help you purchase from most online doujin shops. Please contact us with your request, and we will send you an invoice of the total. Shops include but not limited to the following: Amazon JPMelonBooksSuruga-Ya, CQ WEB, KacShopYahoo JP Auctions, and Rakuten Auctions. We can also buy directly from the artists if they have their own shops!

Event Pick-up Orders Tokyo-based events only
Please contact us with the 1) event info, 2) circle name, 3) items you wish to buy, 4) total estimated cost, and 5) your country of residence. Requests must be received 3 days prior to the event. Late requests are subject to rush fee. If we can accept your request as is, you will receive an invoice for a deposit. The deposit is equal to half of the total cost of the doujinshi. Deposits are non-refundable if we successfully acquire doujinshi for you.  Please include your shipping address in the DoujinPress payment.

IMPORTANT: For most non-Comiket events (especially ONLY-events), there will be a travel fee from $10 up to $60, depending on how many requests we have for the event. Should the fee decrease by the time of the event, we will send you a revised invoice. Please inquire upon ordering!

PAYPAL NOT ACCEPTED – Credit/Debit Cards Only

SHOP ORDER: Please calculate the approximate cost of each book separately. EVENT ORDER: Please calculate based on the quantity per circle. (i.e. if three 500yen from same circle, insert 1500yen for the conversion)

¥ = $22.64 USD Approx. Cost*

If we successfully purchase your items, we will send you an invoice for the remainder that you owe. At this time, we will request you to pay shipping charges. Once you have paid the remaining balance, we will ship your items from Japan to our US office. From our US office, we will ship directly to you. If we cannot find your items, your payments will be fully refunded.

* Estimates include shipping charges from Japan to our US office, but not to your doorstep. Domestic shipping separate.