We really like doujinshi
Not to mention sushi is awesome

There is something magical about holding a doujinshi in your hands and seeing the beautiful artwork of an obsessed fan compelled to the brink of insanity. Online scanlations and copies will never match the preserved beauty and care that goes into every book.

Doujin Press was a year in the making, and the basic concept has gone through a few iterations. In the Summer of 2010 the owner, Kira, got involved in the yuri scanlation community. It was really fabulous to be able to read and edit English-intelligible stories while learning Japanese on the side, but as things progressed Kira became plainly aware of the difficulties English consumers faced when it came to actually obtaining doujinshi.

So many doujinshi, so hard to buy!

There are so many roadblocks to buying doujinshi right now most people never make a purchase. All the best sources of doujinshi are in Japanese and won’t ship abroad. Buying agents and mail forwarders can be difficult to work with and/or expensive. Some just don’t want Japanese doujinshi and would prefer to have an English doujinshi resting in there hands. Most of us in the English audience never have an opportunity to have a doujinshi collection, and it really is a shame. Not only are we deprived of wonderful artwork, we can’t show the artist that we support what they are creating!

doujinPress supports authors

We make sure our authors get paid for their work, and our margins are better than any mainstream US publisher offers their own authors. We also work with authors in poorer countries and give them a boost. Doujin Press wants all talented artists to aim high and go far!