Due to staffing and time constraints, all DoujinPress services will be on indefinite hiatus beginning today, June 1st, 2016. Existing orders will be filled ASAP if possible.

Long Version:

Hello.  My name is Kira and I have been the sole owner of DoujinPress for almost 6 years now.  It’s been a really good business for me and I’ve made a lot of friends at cons along the way.  I’ve had staff hired to help run the show, but we’ve parted ways.  I’ve published artists and that’s been a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of time to do that and unfortunately time is something I don’t have lately.  DoujinPress has come a really long way but it’s time I took a step back so I can focus on other things.  So, beginning right now, DoujinPress is officially on hiatus.

Current Circumstances

Currently I am employed full-time as the Lead Software Engineer for an important web application project that will hopefully revolutionize the way people work with the cities they live in.  It’s really eating up my time, but I believe in the project and want to devote more time to it.  I am also the owner of the Pacific Mahjong League (pacificml.com), a riichi mahjong association based out of the San Francisco bay area.  We are planning some major events this year and they are making it very difficult to have any free time.  It’s been very difficult lately to devote time to DoujinPress and it’s been affecting shipping times for all of the orders here.  I feel pretty bad about orders going late and rather than try to hang in there with only so-so customer service, I’d prefer to put the business on hiatus.

The Future

Rather than simply close DoujinPress down entirely, I intend to revitalize the business once my schedule is a little more open.  Going into this there is a very good possibility that I won’t be able to reopen DoujinPress, but I feel it’s the best possible chance to keep it viable in the long term.   I will be carefully weighing every option and considering the best course of action.  Some of the options I’m looking at are shutting down the printing side of the business.

Outstanding Orders, Refunds, and Websites

All outstanding orders will be filled or refunded, preferably by the end of June.  Refunds will not be possible after the end of July.  The current website will be decommissioned.  Our child site, Wixoss.org, will be disabled.  Our side project, DoujinPop, will be on hiatus as well.


You will be able to contact me via email at: kira * doujinpress.com if you have questions!  I won’t be filling any orders and it might take me awhile to respond.